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In a discoursive exhibition format, IDEAL STANDARD focusses today's formal and ideological Bauhaus-influences in contemporary arts through six internationally renowned artists and artist collectives.

Historical Bauhaus recognized construction in a universal sense: its architecture, its rooms, their interior, equipped with furniture, design objects and art, were all part of a holistically pictured practice. Through dissolving former hierarchies between the fields of art and applied arts, it aimed for an ambitiously overall design, that blazed a trail for mass production while serving highest pretensions in both functional and aesthetical ways.

IDEAL STANDARD puts a focus on the formal and contextual examination with ideas and individuals of the Bauhaus era through six internationally renowned positions in contemporary arts. Neither aiming for a historical workup nor a résumé, the project is rather asking, what today is Bauhaus. How does Bauhaus’ iconic design influence contemporary sculpture and installation? How do artists engage today with imagined ways of future living, with mass production or modernism’s paternalistic historiography? How and to what degree have their prefixes changed? And are there analogies to be found in contemporary artists’ mindsets and operation modes, that link their practice to Bauhaus’ innovations? Speculative and hypothetical in parts, IDEAL STANDARD will bring together a very heterogeneous group of artists and artist collectives, joining in on a discursive context that emerges from the Bauhaus.

Participating artists: Katarina Burin, Erika Hock, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Pakui Hardware, Andrea Zittel

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