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Exhibition – Aishu Gen – Osaka (Japan)

Werder (Havel), Stadtgalerie KUNST-GESCHOSS Werder (Havel)

The Town Gallery KUNST-GESCHOSS was opened in 2008 – 60 Exhibitions – Curator Frank W. Weber

The Japanese artist Aishu Gen has concentrated since 30 years on simple, geometrical forms. She found her current style by way of the composition of these forms. As in the format of Bauhaus, she sees in triangle, square and circle the basis of creative thinking and action in minimalistic Diction. However from the colours yellow, blue and red the artist leaves only the last one remaining and chooses a path in monochrome black/white and three dimensionality. Her compositions are more creations of space rather than objects. The artist places her basic elements, either two or three dimensional on white or black backgrounds and plays purposefully with light as a building element. If the works of art are hung according to the daily rhythm of the sun, the shadows play with and change the forms on the white background. A strategically placed artificial lighting can provide additional shadowing. The reduction to basic elements and their shadows is the component of a visual experience and fascination of simplicity for the visitor. Aishu Gen’s compositions are an understandable, pictorial conversion of diminutive thought and encourage the understanding for the idea of Bauhaus.
The artist’s works could have been created directly in a Bauhaus basics course.

Aishu Gen  (  ⃰1949) lives in Osaka and has exhibited in Japan, Taiwan, France, Poland and Germany.

Her art teachers are Tsuguro Ito and Sadamasa Motonaga. Sadamasa Motonaga belonged to the Gutai Group. Aischu Gen is a member of the study group for contemporary art under the direction from Etsuko Nakatsuji, the wife of Sadamasa Motonaga and member of the artist group A21.
Aishu Gen studied at the Musashino Art Junior College.

Vernissage on Wednesday, 17 July 2019 at 7pm.
Exhibition from 18th July until 1st September 2019, Thurs. Sat. Sun. 1pm – 6 pm.
Entrance free!


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Alle Ausstellungen der Stadtgalerie KUNST-GESCHOSS mit freiem Eintritt. Seit der Eröffnung im Jahre 2008, die 60. Ausstellung in der Stadtgalerie


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The exhibition is sponsored by the city of Werder (Havel)

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